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Garage Rolling Door

Protection against Fire

These shutters can roll down automatically through remote controls without having to touch them manually in case of fires, which can indeed prove to be a great way of controlling fires in a building.

Adverse Climatic Conditions Prevention

You can close these shutters as per your requirement and safeguard your goods from different climatic conditions. This ensures the safety of materials kept indoors no matter what the weather outside is like. Any goods you store inside will not be spoiled, and you will not suffer any loss.

Cost Effective

Automatic rolling shutters are more economical than manual shutters or any other door. In addition, they have a long life and require low maintenance, so you do not have to spend on them for a long time. On the other hand, manual shutters are not cost-effective in the long run.

Space Saving Solution

As automatic shutters roll up completely, these are much more space saving than traditional shutters. This will not make you compromise on the inside space, and you can store more goods.

Ease of Operation

Automatic rolling shutters are easier to use than manual ones because all you need to learn are the controls of the shutter. You do not need staff members’ help opening and closing your place’s gates each time. This will also save you a lot of time during your working hours.

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Rolling shutters have evolved more and more gaining popularity these days. Electrically operated shutters provide extra security to all entries and exits, keeping crimes at bay. People prefer to install them there instead of manual shutters because these are low maintenance, provide ease of use, and so on.

Installation of automatic rolling shutters can be anywhere from shops to personal garages to any place it deems fit. Automatic shutters are an excellent fit for places with high crime rates because they are equipped with extra security measures.

AC motor

two remotes

rails and frames

push button

roller shaft and bearings

main shutter curtain

brand new

primer pain

installation and supply


wrong door

wrong measurements

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