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Edutec Fabricators LTD manufactures all kinds of rolling doors and components for roller shutter systems for over 12 years, such as aluminum alloy rolling door, steel rolling door, PC transparent rolling door, pulling door and garage doors, the components roll-formed and extruded rolling shutter profiles end slats, guide rails, shutter boxes, end caps, octagonal tubes, manual drives.

Types and operation

Built-on roller shutter door
Describes the type where the roller shutter box is fixed to the exterior of the building facade.

Built-on roller shutters are built onto the surface of the installation. This means that their rails and shutter boxes will be visible on your window frames and door frames.

However, they are designed bearing this fact in mind. As such, their rails and shutter boxes can look very appealing. They are also cheaper and easier to install than built-in roller shutters.

Built-in roller shutter doors
Where the roller shutter box is built into the lintel above the window. Built-in roller shutters are built into the frame of your windows and doors. This helps to hide many of their components, which is great for residential properties or modern office spaces. When the roller shutters are opened, your roller shutters disappear from view. This makes them very appealing to those prioritizing aesthetics.
Integrated roller shutter
A roller shutter and window combined as a single unit.
Roller shutter with tilting louvers
A roller shutter with laths that tilt, similar to an external Venetian blind.The roller shutter with tilting slats tilting allows the perfect regulation of light, air circulation, and protection of privacy. All this due to the orientation and rotation of the slats.

The tilting roller shutter provides an airtight seal through the perfect fitting of its slats. Therefore, we can achieve complete darkness when the shutter is down. At night, it prevents the cold from penetrating the room, providing effective insulation with the blind closed. Likewise, the blind can be opened to leave the window uncovered. The Tilting rolling shutter is made of aluminum alloy. It is embellished and protected with high-quality paints, which are applied and heat-strengthened through a continual process.

With gear drive from the shutter roller traced through the building facade to a universal joint on the room side that is operated by a cranked winding handle.

Manual roller shutters, as the name suggests, are operated manually. They connect to a handle which you can turn to open or close them.

Because they are made from fewer and cheaper elements, they are usually cheaper than their alternative – electric roller shutters. This makes them a popular choice amongst those who are trying to minimize costs.

Manual tape
A tape drive around a flange on the roller is traced through the building facade with pulley guides to an inertia reel on the room side:
Spring Assist
Spring assist roller shutters are operated by manually lowering or lifting the handle which is mounted to the curtain end slat. Most cost effective solutions for securing small spaces.
Motorized / Electric
With a tubular motor fitted within the roller axle tube. Automatic operation can be added. Controlled with a smartphone, remote or hardwired switch.

Electric roller shutters are more expensive to install and maintain than manual roller shutters. However, they are a lot more convenient. 

They allow you to open and close your shutters with just the click of a button. You don’t have to exert any physical strength. You can even connect them to solar panels to decrease your electricity costs.

Many property owners or homeowners, especially those with limited mobility and many shutters, find that the convenience of electric roller shutters makes them well worth their cost.

Transparent Roller Shutters

Transparent roller shutters provide greater visibility than their aluminum counterparts. They are rising in popularity, especially for doors and windows that overlook beautiful gardens or scenery.


Extruded or roll formed steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Single or multi wall. Hollow or insulated designs.
Roller (or axle tube)
Steel, aluminium tube supported at either end by an end plate.

Shutter box
Formed steel or aluminium extrusion box designed to protect shutter’s internal components.
Shutter spring

  1. Spring wire. Made from the spring wire, it also called torsion spring.
  2. Flat spring. Formed by hardened and tempered steel strips in coils. Common steel grades C67, CK67, SAE1070, etc.
Guide rail (or track)
Steel or aluminium to retain the shutter curtain within the opening. Weather sealed to increase product lifetime and reduce operating vibration.
Bottom slat
Steel, aluminium or PVC to match the rest of the roller shutter curtain. Safety edge or rubber weather seal to reduce draught can be added.
Important part of roller shutter used to manually secure the curtain slats in place. Can be locked with slide lock and bullet lock. Slim key locks are installed within the end slat and have bars that securely lock shutter into the guide rails.

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