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Roller Shutter Doors Repairs

Sometimes some of the slats of your roller shutter are either uneven or broken. This will certainly cause the roller shutter to function incorrectly. To fix this, you may need to remove the slats. Usually, they will be connected together via clips. Unclip the slats and remove them to inspect and replace. If a slat is broken and you need to replace it, ensure you are purchasing one with the exact same specifications. We strongly advise going straight to the manufacturer to getting replacement slats. Not only will you be certain of receiving the right product but you should also be able to find directions on how to reattach them. In any case, hire a professional who will be able to service your stuck roller shutter. Safe & Secure offer maintenance and repairs from highly qualified engineers that are widely experienced in all types of roller shutter issues.

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Our qualified technicians are always available to complete emergency repairs and routine maintenance and repairs as and when you need it.

spring failure

shaft breakage

clips interlock

bearing failure

lock failure

hunger detached


shutter stops closing

shutter stops opening

shutter falling down

shutter heavy to lift

parts replacement

fabrication and proper installation

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