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Roller Shutter Doors On Sale

1. Good thermal and noise insulation. 
Double layer slats can prevent thermal conduction and noise 
2. Good seal and ait-tightness. 
There is seal brush inside guide rail, and EPDM seal rubber at the bottom. Gaps at two sides and bottom are eliminated. 
3. Beautiful and compact design. 
Special design tubular motor is inbuilt into the roller. Integrated design saves space at the top and make the door look beautiful and compact. 
4. Various types of slats available for different situations. 
a. Double layer hollow aluminum alloy: standard type, mostly used. 
b. Double layer PU sandwich panel: excellent thermal and sound insulation. 
c. Reinforcing corrugated type: high strength and good wind resistance, for big doors.

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Roller Shutters For Mall / Factory / House / Garage

It is made of high-quality mild steel and has good hardness, flexibility and elasticity. The surface adopts advanced technology such as powder electrostatic spraying, thermal transfer wood grain, electrophoresis, anodized oxidation, etc., the color is delicious, does not fade, does not layer, does not yellow, and is durable. The production process is rigorous, and the muffler and the sealing code are made of high-quality virgin rubber, which is quieter, more lubricated and more beautiful.

After-sales Service: Online Technical Support, Onsite Installation, Ons
Warranty: 2 Years
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Type: Rolling
Open Style: Rolling
Opening Type: With Remote Control

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